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Primary School

Providing our students with a safe and motivating environment, along with nurturing them emotionally, socially, spiritually, physically and intellectually is central to our purpose.

Our teachers, parents and students work together as a community with positive aims and purposes in order to create that feeling of belonging. Each student is valued as an individual and all are encouraged to reach their potential.

Digital technology is actively used to enhance the learning opportunities of our students and develop a culture of innovation.


We are committed to providing students with a quality education and are on the forefront of applying the Australian Curriculum. Through our approach to learning we aim to empower students and promote critical thinking skills.

Excellence in teaching is demonstrated by our staff through continually seeking opportunities for ongoing professional learning and development. Having all the materials in the world cannot replace the effectiveness of a fantastic teaching staff.


Ocean Forest is a place where we cherish each and every day as an opportunity to support the children in our care to develop new skills, to learn new things and to grow into the beautiful people that God created them to be. Our supportive environment provides students with the freedom to experience so many wonderful things while in safe and nurturing surroundings.

We welcome you to pay a visit at any time to see why we are so proud of our school.

Please contact Bev Garrett by phoning 08 9795 2700