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We provide quality Christian education for students. It is our goal through teaching a balanced curriculum, reinforced by Christian values, that each individual student be given the opportunity to develop their God given gifts and talents.

The College accepts enrolments regardless of the applicant's ethnic origin, gender, religion, or ability provided that:

    through the enrolment procedures parents/caregivers seeking enrolment for their child/children undertake to support willingly and freely the College's stated purposes, aims and policies;
    parents appreciate and support the requirement that students are expected to participate in the Christian components of the curriculum;
    enrolment vacancy exists at the year level (s) being sought given that the College has a maximum class size policy;
    adequate physical and human resources are available to support any special requirements that students may have.

Enrolment Priority is based primarily on the date that enrolment applications are lodged with the College. At the discretion of the Principal priority may be given to students in the following special circumstances:

    children of members of Ocean Forest Lutheran Fellowship and Ocean Forest Lutheran College Association
    siblings of currently enrolled students
    children of staff
    children from other Lutheran Schools.

The Ocean Forest Lutheran College Board reviews these priorities from time to time.


As part of the enrolment process, parents/caregivers of students with disabilities or other special educational needs are asked to provide any relevant information that may impact on the College's ability to provide the level of support required. Following the gathering of this data, the program of support that Ocean Forest Lutheran College is able to offer will be discussed with the parents/caregivers and a decision made about enrolment.