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Light the Future Science Show

Light the Future Science Show

“Science is a way (or path or method) to not get fooled. In other words, Science can help us get closer to the truth.” Dr Karl Kruszelnicki


In 2011  Ocean Forest Lutheran College launched the South West Super Science Spectacular (SWSSS). Bringing together community, business and education, SWSSS showcases the field of Science with a series of interactive stalls highlighting different scientific concepts.

Since the inaugural event, SWSSS has become Ocean Forest’s signature event and has been recognised as the biggest Science engagement initiative in the South West, attracting thousands of attendees each year from across regional Western Australia.


Internationally recognised celebrity scientists Dr Karl Kruszelnicki and Ruben Meerman (ABC television, ABC and Triple J radio) have been key note speakers each year, highlighting the high profile of the event and the recognition within the Science establishment of the SWSSS’s role in promoting the discipline.


“We love the South West Super Science Spectacular because it’s inspiring another generation to fall in love with Science and learning and scholarship while demonstrating that the local community truly values their education. Plus it’s simply heaps of fun!” Dr Karl and Ruben


The event would not be possible without the generous sponsors and volunteers who give of their time and expertise to set up and manage a series of interactive experiments, displays and activities designed to educate, entertain and inspire. Our sponsors come from many fields of endeavour including education (universities and schools), medicine, biology, sport, environment, mining and engineering. In addition, all staff, students and parents at Ocean Forest play a vital role in the organisation of this event which attracts thousands of people from all ages and backgrounds. 


The spectacular success of the SWSSS is testament to the difference a small school can make. The sense of community, belonging and common goals inspires and motivates staff, students and parents to work together to ensure the SWSSS retains its position as one of the largest National Science Week events in Western Australia.


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“I love Science because it gave us the ‘laser’ which stands for Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation. But that’s just one reason.”  Ruben Meerman -the Surfing Scientist