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Parents and Friends of OFLC

P&F Fundraising and Friendraising


The Ocean Forest Parents & Friends Committee (P&F) is an elected body of parents who voluntarily work in partnership with the College staff to enhance the lives of our students.

A primary focus of the P&F is fund and friendship raising, with a range of annual and targeted fundraising events held throughout the College year.  Including Coast Cafe, quiz night, catering for various events, fun runs, Easter, Mother’s and Father’s Day activities and annual Christmas party. 

All funds raised by the committee go directly back to the College for the benefit of our students.  In recent years, funds raised as a result of P&F activities have been used to develop the secondary outdoor area, build the Primary nature playground, purchase of outdoor benches, early childhood bike shed and path, blinds in early childhood area, 3D printer, extensive library, music and school resources. The P&F also contributes to the annual Spectrum exhibit, the Secondary and Primary School socials and prizes for end of year services.  
The P&F meets regularly and interested parents of the College community are welcome to attend any of the committee meetings. The dates for upcoming P&F meetings are advertised in the College newsletter.
The P&F can be contacted via email



Our Online Canteen 

The Our Online Canteen is an independent online ordering system which Ocean Forest College utilises to provide families with an easy and convenient way to order lunches, purchase merchandise, participate in fundraising events and much more. 
Registration and ordering is extremely easy.
Lunch orders available are Coast Cafe on Monday, Tuesday and Subway on Friday.
A variety of merchandise is also available to order and if you require a chair bag, library or homework bag, wet weather jacket or excursion/swim bag, utilise the online ordering system and the items can be delivered to child's classroom.
The website address is:-

To get started:

1. Go to the website
2. Register your details
3. Receive a confirmation email
4. Log onto the website and enter your children’s details
5. Add credit to your account
6. Start ordering

To order lunch items:

1. Select your child's name
2. Select the required date
3. Select second break
4. Expand the menu and choose your items i.e. pizza flavour
5. Confirm your order

Orders need be placed prior to 8.15am on the day of supply and orders can be placed up to two weeks in advance.

Menu  (click to view)

Monday - Coast Café

Wednesday - Coast Café

Friday - Coast Café



How to order P&F Merchandise

1. Login to
2. Select uniforms
3. Select student
4. Select item
5. Select delivery method
Items can be picked up from the P&F room on Monday, Tuesday and Friday Mornings between 8.30 and 9.15am or delivered directly to your child’s classroom.
6. Select next
7. Select place order

The Online Canteen Co-ordinator is Tania Mammone and she can be contacted on 0419 925 489 if you have any queries.


Click to view the P&F Merchandise


Parents and Friends Committee members for 2017

President  Haley Giles
Vice President


Treasurer Vicki Glen

Matthew Warnsborough

Fundraising Coordinator


Online Coordinator  Tania Mammone
Merchandise Coordinator  Tania Mammone
Committee Members  
  Renee Wharton
  Debbie Spriggs


Rachel Scharenberg


Melissa Johnston


Natalie Adams

Proposed Meeting Dates 2017

OFLC P&F meetings are held twice a term on Wednesdays in weeks 2 and 7 starting at 7.00pm.  Meetings are held in the community room adjacent to the library and all interested parents are welcome to attend.

Term 1  
Term 2  
  03 May
  07 June
Term 3  
  26 July
  30 August
Term 4  
  18 October
  22 Novemeber - AGM