TEL 08 9795 2700

Ocean Forest Lutheran Fellowship

OFLF & WA Lutherans

We are a congregation of the Lutheran Church of Australia with a Western Australian flavour. 

Services are family friendly and Gospel centred. We also have small groups, with fellowship and Bible Study, as well as Youth nights each month.
Western Australian Lutherans are fairly diverse - coming from a variety of backgrounds; Open - to different ways of sharing the Gospel; Family oriented -valuing the nurture of children and care for each other; Hospitable – catering well and looking after guests; Unselfish - ready to serve and respond to needs; Strong on the Word of God - valuing good Biblical teaching; Christ centred - seeking to imitate His heart in thanks for His saving grace.

Gathering every Sunday

PASTOR: Reverend Rodney Witmitz
TIME: 9.30am
WHERE: Ocean Forest Lutheran College
Entrance off Dalyellup Boulevard
TELEPHONE: (08) 9795 2773
FAX: (08) 9795 9730

To find out what we offer,  what we believe and more about the congregation, click on the brochure here