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The Our Online Canteen is an independent online ordering system which Ocean Forest College utilises to provide families with an easy and convenient way to order lunches, purchase merchandise, participate in fundraising events and much more. 
Registration and ordering is extremely easy.
Lunch orders available are Coast Cafe on Monday and Tuesday, and Subway on Friday.
A variety of merchandise is also available to order and if you require a chair bag, library or homework bag, wet weather jacket or excursion/swim bag, utilise the online ordering system and the items can be delivered to child's classroom.
The website address is:-

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Monday - Coast Café

Wednesday - Coast Café

Friday - Coast Café


Important Information

For all returning students.
Please make sure that you amend your child’s Year Level, as this may lead to a mix up of lunches when being placed in the Year Group baskets.

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Select student
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Change classroom  (to 2017 year group)
Change year (to 2017 classroom)

After surveying the parents it became evident that another canteen day would be appreciated. Thus we are proud to announce that the P&F have added Monday and Tuesday lunches supplied by Coast Cafe and Friday Subway.       
If any parent would like to offer their time for handouts at lunch time it would be greatly appreciated. The handout only takes an hour from 12 – 1pm. All newcomers are shown the process and not left alone until they feel comfortable so if you can help out, even if it is once a term, it all helps.

Any questions, queries, feedback or if you want to be added onto the roster I can be contacted on the below details.

Thanking you
Tania Mammone – Online Canteen & Merchandise Co-ordinator
0419 925 489