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Pastoral Care

A harmonious environment by fostering healthy relationships.

Pastoral Care is not a specific program but a mindset and an approach that underpins everything we do at Ocean Forest.  Teachers monitor each student's physical, social, intellectual emotional and spiritual needs.


Class and Care Group Teachers have the day to day responsibility for the pastoral welfare of the students in their care. They work together with the students and their families to optimise learning experiences. Students' particular needs in their learning are supported through differentiating educational programs. To accommodate additional areas of interest and involvement, students are encouraged to engage in co-curricular activities offered by the College.


The Restorative Practices approach is used to support students in repairing relationships when things go wrong and provides them with a lifelong tool for conflict resolution.  To find out more about Restorative Practices visit the website


At Ocean Forest friendships formed in the classroom typically extend beyond the school grounds and long after students have graduated. Our close-knit community fosters many friendships that include whole families.
Call us for a prospectus or to book a tour so that you can find out for yourself why small is beautiful for Pastoral Care at Ocean Forest Lutheran College.