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Ocean Forest Lutheran College Board

Ocean Forest Lutheran College Incorporated is an education institution of the Lutheran Church of Australia SA/NT/WA District Incorporated (LCA SA/NT/WA District).

The Lutheran Church of Australia SA/NT/WA District appoints the College Board who are responsible for managing the affairs of the College.

The Board consists of*

  •     Three representatives elected from the voting members of the supporting congregation/church fellowship
  •     Two representatives nominated by the Lutheran Schools Association
  •     Two Christian representatives elected by the Board from the parent community

 The non-voting members of the Board shall be*

  •     The Principal
  •     The College Business Manager
  •     The College Pastor
  •     Such other consultants as the Board may from time to time invite to meetings of the Board
  •     Employees or spouses of employees of the College are not eligible for election to the Board
  •     Parents, children or siblings of employees of the College are not eligible for election to the Board

  The College Board’s responsibilities include:

  •     Developing and approving policies relevant to the College’s operations   
  •     Ensuring the College is operating in accordance with the beliefs and responsibilities of the LCA
  •     Promoting the College amongst members of the Parish and the community
  •     Concern for the well-being of students and staff
  •     Recommending the appointment of the College Principal to the Lutheran Church of Australia SA/NT/WA District
  •     Receiving regular reports from the College Principal and various committees of the College’s operations
  •     Overseeing the general administration of the College
  •     Overseeing the activities of auxiliary support groups such as the Parents and Friends Association
  •     Referring major policy changes and new projects involving significant expenditures to the LCA SA/NT/WA District
  •     Appointing Chartered Accountants to audit the College’s financial records each year
*  Current Constitution includes Principal and Pastor as voting members of the Board.  Constituion currently under review to reclassify these members as non-voting